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Who We Are & What We Do



Nukleus Innerwear is a sustainable innerwear and basics company based in Penang, Malaysia.


We put values and ethics at the heart of our business because we know they’re important to you...and the planet.


We know that consumers want toxic-free products, for the sake of their own health and that of the planet. That’s what Nukleus does best. Simple, stylish, ethical basics with the peace of mind that they are not costing the earth.


We believe that by dealing fairly with farmers, factory workers and everyone else involved in the supply chain, we are helping to create a truly sustainable business.




Using innovative and sustainable production methods, we make innerwear and basics from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, Lenzing Tencel and organic bamboo.


Our purpose is to provide a healthy and sustainable fashion choice for the consumers, the planet and the people involved in the production chain. For this to happen, sustainability, social responsibility, as well as fashion, is in the brand’s DNA.





The entire clothing industry is highly problematic in terms of health, environmental and social impacts. Take cotton as an example. Behind the innocent image of a cotton tee or pair of jeans, there is a vast and hidden transnational empire affecting tens of millions of people, and vast tracts of land and water across the planet.  From sweatshop factories to GMO seeds. From farmer suicides to chemicals polluting rivers and groundwater. From seed to shop, the negative impacts of cotton production are affecting people and damaging the environment.


Most consumers are not aware of these tremendous social and environmental impacts, and the potential impacts on their own health of chemical residues.


At Nukleus, we care about the health of our customers. We believe that no one should take unnecessary risks with their health. Our organic cotton innerwear and basics keep you and your family safe because it doesn’t contain toxic chemical residues from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.


At Nukleus, we care about the planet and the people who grow and make our clothes. We believe in paying our farmers a fair price, so they don’t get in debt to money lenders.


We believe that our factory workers should have clean, safe and healthy working and living conditions, with time off and a living wage.


And we believe that these values and basic human decency are important to running a business...and to our customers.


Our mission at Nukleus is to empower consumers to make educated, thoughtful and ethical choices about the clothes they wear next to their skin, and to make a stand for their health, the environment and social justice, by purchasing organically produced innerwear and basics.





We all want to look presentable, with comfortable stylish clothes. And the peace of mind comes from knowing that our shopping has not contributed to the serious problems which the planet is facing. And that the clothes we wear, as well as being fashionable, have been ethically sourced and produced. This is where Nukleus comes in.


Designed with comfort, as well as style, in mind, Nukleus Innerwear features men and women’s ranges of briefs, vests and tees.


Colorful, soft and stylish, Nukleus contemporary classics say I want to be part of a better world.... starting with the basics.