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Honeydew Delight
[NFR 9065]
Product Description
Material : Lenzing Tencel + 5% Spandex

Unique Benefits of Lenzing Tencel
Pamper yourself with Tencel. It’s delightfully soft and smooth. Keeps you comfortably cool and dry. Protects you by inhibiting bacterial growth naturally—with zero chemical additives. Tencel is also gentle on your conscience. It’s made from a renewable resource, through an award-winning green process. Made by Lenzing of Austria. Made with you and Earth in mind.

Tags: Men, Gentle, Trunk/Shorty

Available Options:
S 28" - 30"
M 31" - 33"
L 34" - 36"
XL 37" - 39"
XXL 40" - 42"

"Nukleus is produced in an environmentally-friendly condition using sustainable materials. With every purchase of Nukleus, you are supporting green products and at the same time contributing to the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) Malaysia as part of the proceeds will be channeled to its conservation work".

Available Options: